Available Globally, our LifeHQ service provides you with an online lifestyle management application, encompassing technology which creates a personal data store and an associated Live Data Dashboard. LifeHQ enables you to store your private data, catalogued in a chronological manner, readily accessible to achieve the next tasks in your life. Your Data is securely stored, providing the ability to undertake management and efficient recall of personal details, life plans and financial data.

The service also allows you to use the collated data in conjunction with 3rd party commercial organisations, websites and individual persons so you may optimise your daily digital life.

The service also features technology that enables users to create and publicly share data and a secure, web-based service enabling individuals to remotely create and manage their own accounts. Your private content can be uploaded, encrypted, then delivered to your intended recipients, at the time and in the manner requested.

Finally the system also includes our unique “planfora” product, which proactively indicates to you the required steps needed to achieve your goals in life.

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